Oh the HORROR!

I recently designed a poster for the short, The Home. Directed by my friend L.Gustavo Cooper. I’ve worked with Gustavo before doing everything from art directing in two of his movies, to designing posters and other graphics. So far, I think this is one of the more successful designs I have done for him. Every once in awhile you come up with a great idea for a design and hammer it out in a very short time, at the end thinking “shit, why can’t everything be that easy”. This was the case for this poster and Gustavo and his associates were very happy with the results. Using a combination of hand drawn elements and altered photography, I wanted to keep it conceptual while maintaining a good reflection of the main premises of the movie. I really enjoyed making a horror poster and look forward to doing more work for Gustavo and other horror related jobs. did a short write up about the film showing off the poster!