Taking the Plunge

DoubleStruck Designs is moving to Nashville,TN! Yup thats right I’ve decided to take the plunge and leave my full time cubicle design job to go full time freelance. It has been something I have contemplated for awhile and current circumstances and support from some awesome people have given me the opportunity to make it a reality.

I’m grateful for the 4 years at Fanatics and everything I learned about the apparel industry while there. But it began to feel stifling and restricted, which was hurting me as a designer. In order to grow a change of pace was in need. This week is my last at the job and I couldn’t be more excited.

Be sure there will be some new and exciting things happening for the DoubleStruck brand and I plan to take this time to really get things moving forward and also get the DoubleStruck Shop up and running with some fresh merch!

Lets work together! Head over to Contact and give me a shout.