Taking the Plunge

DoubleStruck Designs is moving to Nashville,TN! Yup thats right I’ve decided to take the plunge and leave my full time cubicle design job to go full time freelance. It has been something I have contemplated for awhile and current circumstances and support from some awesome people have given me the opportunity to make it a reality.

I’m grateful for the 4 years at Fanatics and everything I learned about the apparel industry while there. But it began to feel stifling and restricted, which was hurting me as a designer. In order to grow a change of pace was in need. This week is my last at the job and I couldn’t be more excited.

Be sure there will be some new and exciting things happening for the DoubleStruck brand and I plan to take this time to really get things moving forward and also get the DoubleStruck Shop up and running with some fresh merch!

Lets work together! Head over to Contact and give me a shout.

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Ortega River Rats

Here is a little sneak peek of a poster design for the upcoming movie short Ortega River Rats. The movie is set in 1920’s Florida and is about 4 young boys who find a treasure map that is said to belong to the pirate Daniel McGirtt.

Full image of the design on the Work page very soon!

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Oh the HORROR!

I recently designed a poster for the short, The Home. Directed by my friend L.Gustavo Cooper. I’ve worked with Gustavo before doing everything from art directing in two of his movies, to designing posters and other graphics. So far, I think this is one of the more successful designs I have done for him. Every once in awhile you come up with a great idea for a design and hammer it out in a very short time, at the end thinking “shit, why can’t everything be that easy”. This was the case for this poster and Gustavo and his associates were very happy with the results. Using a combination of hand drawn elements and altered photography, I wanted to keep it conceptual while maintaining a good reflection of the main premises of the movie. I really enjoyed making a horror poster and look forward to doing more work for Gustavo and other horror related jobs. did a short write up about the film showing off the poster!



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Two heads are better than one

I’ve been making moves to expand the DoubleStuck brand and create some more products. I would like to keep it a fairly simple ad just offer a few shirts, stickers and maybe a patch or two. All depending on my budget, which is very slim at the moment. Here is my first every attempt at making a GIF, based off of a new shirt design. Enjoy!


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Poster Preview

This weekend I went a little mad and created 3 posters for the 2015 Always Summer Poster show which in this Sept, 25th. It seems that every year I either miss the deadline completely or don’t hear about it till that last minute. Well this time I had a decent window to design and decided to swing for the fences. Having recently branded my work under the name DoubleStruck Designs I knew that I wanted to go big for this show to get my name out there. I went with three songs that are very opposite in genres and slightly different in design style. With that said here is a sneak peek.


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DoubleStruck Shirts

Spent a day with friends Gilbert and Anthony printing tees. Gilbert has a whole screen printing setup which gave me the chance to print some DoubleStruck shirts along with some HELLCAT shirts. It’s been awhile since I have screen printed anything so it was great to get back into it and get some time to practice.

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